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Month: July 2022

[WotR] Fleeting Arrow (the Commander & Lann)

Fandom: Pathfinder: Wrath of the Righteous

Summary: In a fleeting moment, Lann caught a glimpse of a glittering blue feather in the sea of tall grass. Then it was gone. 

Notes: OMC Commander Kurt Eklund – Oread/Azata path/Chaotic Good. Minor spoiler for ACT III. Special thanks for my beta Oli. 

[LOGH] In Cocoa, Milk and Altitudes We Trust (Ivan Konev/Olivier Poplin) EN

Pairing: Ivan Konev/Olivier Poplin

Summary: The last month of 1944. Pacific, Peleliu Island US Base. A young Marine pilot Julian Mintz had a mini mission to investigate a petty theft in the base with his canine expert. Or, as he later discovered, F4U Corsair Fighter-Bomber, was the most expensive ice-cream maker in the world. And the secret to perfect chocolate ice-cream? Remember, stirred, not shaken.

So. Finally. This. It sets in the same universe with my another work Hurricane Drunk 醉生战死 but you can read it as a stand-alone story. Some altered and made-up background for Julian.

This is an English translation of In Cocoa, Milk and Altitudes We Trust

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