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[地狱客栈] 拜托了,别突发善心(Alastor 中心)



[翻译][地狱客栈] 猎鹿犬 (Alastor & Niffty,Alastor & Rosie)by FaceTheSun






[冰海战记] 弓与盔 (克努特/哈拉德,2/2)

推荐BGM: The Royal Blackbird – the Unthanks

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[冰海战记] 至烈至明(阿谢拉德&表伦,3/3)




[Vinland Saga] All is Violent, All is Bright (Askeladd & Björn, 3/3)

Summary: A true warrior needs no sword. Askeladd would sneer at that first, but then he would graciously admit that it holds some merits. After all, weakness of people did not just lie in their soft greasy flesh. Desire and secret sometimes cut deeper than any swords ever do. Besides, those days, if he really needed to have people to be cut, skewered or torn apart, he always had someone else for the job. 

Until he had to do it himself once again. And again. 

A Chinese translation is available. / 中文翻译戳

[WotR]  A Good Death Can Wait (the Commander & Lann, 4/?)

Summary: No matter what they said in those songs and stories, crusading and living this life in general were both treacherous business. It is admittedly tempting to just take the grand exit calling it a life, but alas, since when heroes get what they want? 

Warnings: Suicidal thoughts, Graphic Violence, PTSD, Depression

Notes: Posted for Ace Awareness Week. \Asexual and Proud/

[WotR] Hide and Seek (the Commander/Lann, 2/4)

Summary: Kitsune are a curious bunch. You do not find a Kitsune. It is they, decide when to hide and when to reveal. Or, three times Taran did not let Lann catch her, and one time she did.

Notes: To Oli. Taran is their OFC Commander. (Kitsune/Azata/Chaotic Good).


[WotR] Fleeting Arrow (the Commander & Lann)

Fandom: Pathfinder: Wrath of the Righteous

Summary: In a fleeting moment, Lann caught a glimpse of a glittering blue feather in the sea of tall grass. Then it was gone. 

Notes: OMC Commander Kurt Eklund – Oread/Azata path/Chaotic Good. Minor spoiler for ACT III. Special thanks for my beta Oli. 

[Martin Beck] Back to the Ground (Martin Beck & Lennart Kollberg)

Original Works: Martin Beck Stories – Maj Sjöwall & Per Wahlöö

Pairing: Martin Beck & Lennart Kollberg

Summary: Some missing scenes between the Abomindable Man and the Locked Room when Martin Beck got shot on the roof and Lennart Kollberg brought him back.

[空之轨迹] 碎片 Fragments(莱维&玲&约修亚,莱维/卡玲)(7/7)

简介:“我们来到这世上,是为了修补破损的东西的。” 或者,从影之国回来后,约修亚和玲整理故人碎片,各自做了一个梦。

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